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Effective Ways to Teach Children to Read Fluently

For your child to be competent, parents need to find ways to teach children to learn to read from an early age. Some of these methods can be applied, yes, Mom.

Effective Ways to Teach Children to Read Fluently

1. Read aloud

It is believed that reading aloud or reading aloud to your baby is one way to teach children to read in a fun way. Since the baby is in the womb, this can be done.

Parents need only take one book and read it aloud. Intonation and expression are important when reading aloud. The goal is to give your little one a fun reading experience.

When your child is good at communicating, reading aloud should be interactive. One of them is to involve him in the use of various dictionaries. At the end of the reading session, your toddler may be asked to retell the content of the book.

2. Ask your little one to choose a book for themselves.

Sometimes books that we think are good are not very interesting for a toddler. That's why we let him choose his book to read. Reading your favorite book will be fun and also a way to teach kids to read well.

Cindy Jiban, former educator and academic advisor, suggests

Read your baby's favorite book over and over again. Mums also need to encourage their toddler to use their finger to point to the word that is being read.

It doesn't take long for your little one to read books. We can set aside 15 minutes a day. 15 minutes can also be divided into 3 sessions, so each session only lasts 5 minutes.

3. Acquaintance with vocabulary in a fun way

Fun activities will delight your little one with learning. One of the fun ways to teach kids to read is to sing.

Yes, you can sing as you enter new vocabulary. For example, sing a poem or a poem in a book.

4. Develop reading skills

Reading is an addictive activity. If children are accustomed to reading from childhood, then this habit can be transferred into adulthood.

One way to develop reading habits is to read together at specific times. For example, reading a book before bed.

5. food service

Another way to teach children to read is to introduce them to the reading environment. For example, making a reading corner at home. It contains the favorite books of all family members.

You can also take your toddler to the library. Another time, your little one can also be invited to the bookstore. These places allow your little one to see and study many books.

6. Development of phonemic awareness

Reading is an ability that occurs for a reason. Children need to be explicitly taught to associate sounds with letters (phonemics).

Literacy expert Timothy Shanaha believes that understanding phonemics is an important step in learning to read. Children with phonemic awareness will understand sounds in spoken words.

To instill phonemic awareness, you can invite your toddler to sing rhyming songs. For example, the song "Sunset".

7. Development of sound awareness

Then your toddler needs to understand acoustics as a way to teach him to read. Children with sound perception know that the letters they see are associated with sounds.

Some children may not need reading assistance. However, research has shown that sound awareness is important for young children and children with reading difficulties.

By instilling sound awareness, you can show your toddler letters. Then the baby is asked to voice the letter.