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How to make kids smart

There are several ways to support your little one’s growth and development to become an intelligent child, including:

How to make kids smart

1. Meet the nutritional needs of children.

Childhood is a time of rapid brain growth. Brain development is strongly influenced by the diet and diet you provide.

To support brain development and cognitive performance, feed your child healthy and nutritious foods such as eggs, fish, meat, milk, fruits and vegetables.

2. Get to know the learning styles of the children.

In general, there are three learning styles: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Hearing-type children learn new things faster thanks to their hearing, while visual-type children rely on their eyesight to assimilate new information.

Meanwhile, a child of the kinesthetic type will move a lot during learning, for example, move his feet, arms or other parts of the body. This will help him concentrate.

By knowing and knowing your little one's learning style, you can help him learn more comfortably so that he can better process and understand new knowledge.

3. Invite the children to read from an early age.

Reading stories or fairy tales at night before bed can be fun for both kids and parents.

Reading not only strengthens internal bonds, but also helps to improve children's intelligence, ranging from verbal skills, listening skills, word counting, and ending with their ability to imagine.

4. Teaching foreign languages.

Several studies have shown that most bilingual or multilingual children have higher intelligence levels than children who speak only one language.

Moreover, children who are accustomed to speaking several languages from childhood usually find it easier to learn another foreign language at a later age.

5. Introducing children to art

Not only entertainment, but various arts such as drawing, painting and playing musical instruments can improve the intelligence, memory and self-confidence of children.

In fact, several studies have also shown that children who learn musical instruments have high IQs and can get good academic grades.

6. Give children opportunities to develop their creativity.

To naturally develop their creativity, try to give your little one an activity that stimulates their imagination. Some simple tools, such as an empty box of colored pencils or stacked blocks, can be a way for kids to try new things while developing their creativity.

7. Sharpen the emotional intelligence of children.

In addition to sharpening intellectual intelligence, you also need to develop the emotional intelligence of children from an early age. This is because emotional intelligence is one of the factors that contribute to children's success both in school and in the later world of work.

Help your little one recognize and control their emotions. For example, if he bumps into another child while playing, you might say that it happened unintentionally. This will allow him to better understand the situation and not get very upset.

8. Appreciate the child's learning process.

Research shows that children who are valued by their parents are more enthusiastic about their studies and can achieve higher academic grades.

Therefore, it is recommended that you pay more attention to the process your baby is going through, rather than the results that he is getting. This not only makes him feel more valuable, but also helps him realize that he can get better results if he keeps trying and doesn't give up easily.

As a parent, you play a very important role in helping your little one become a smart child. Encourage and show enthusiasm in accordance with your baby's abilities and interests. This way, children will feel more motivated to do their best.