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Practical ways to quickly get rid of flies at home

Flies are animals that have always been exterminated by many people. Because flies are considered very nasty and can spread disease.
Practical ways to quickly get rid of flies at home

Many people try to eradicate and scare away these small animals so that they do not return. Here are a few ways to quickly get rid of flies in your home:

1. Use of salt

Salt is one of the most effective ingredients used to get rid of flies quickly. Sprinkling salt around the area the flies want to avoid.

2. Use a Lemongrass Candle

Light lemongrass candles and place them in several corners of the house that are often infested with flies.

3. Use of Basil Down

By placing basil leaves in areas frequented by flies.

4. Using lemon and cloves

Putting dry cloves on a few slices of lemon on a swarm of flies.

5. Using plastic bags filled with water

By placing a plastic hanger filled with water in a brightly lit room to confuse the fly because the bag will reflect light everywhere.

6. Use essential oils

By spraying essential oils on all the places where flies are often found.

7. Use of pandan leaves

Putting pandan leaves in every jar frequented by flies.

8. Cucumber slices

Spread cucumber slices in all places where flies often fly.

This is all that the author can convey, I hope it will be useful.. Good luck.. Greetings, Guru of enlightenment.