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Understanding the curriculum and its functions

Understanding the curriculum and its functions

Many experts summarize the meaning of the curriculum. There are also features and components that some of your friends might not be aware of. With regard to the curriculum. In general, a curriculum definition is a set or system of plans and agreements for content and learning materials that are used in teaching and learning. Etymologically, curriculum comes from the term curriculum, where in English curriculum is a lesson plan. The curriculum comes from the Latin currere, the word currere has many meanings, namely: run fast, move fast, walk and try.

In general, the definition of the curriculum, according to some experts, can be interpreted as that from the above explanation the definition of the curriculum is very fundamental, which describes the actual function of the curriculum in the educational process. In its development, the history of Indonesia in relation to the curriculum has changed, inter alia, as follows ...

• Leer Plan - 1947

• Lesson Plan Revealed - 1952

• Education plan for 1964

• Curriculum for 1968-1968

• 1975-1975 Curriculum

• 1984 - 1984 Curriculum

• Curriculum 1999 - Curriculum 1994 and supplementary curriculum 1999-1994.

• Competency-Based Curriculum - 2004

• Curriculum at the Unit of Education Level - 2006

• Curriculum for 2013-2013