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How to deal with child tantrums

Tips for dealing with baby tantrums

1. Keep calm

Even though it is difficult, parents should remain calm about childish tantrums. The explosive emotions of the child should not affect the mother.

How to deal with child tantrums

“If parents are angry, they will be angry with their children, they will become more restless and cry even more,” Saskhya said.

2. Pay attention to the type of child.

You should know if there are kids who like to be hugged or stroked during a tantrum. However, there are children who are even more distant when their parents hug them.

In tantrums, there are "peak" moments when the child cries and screams. If so, we can wait for them to calm down and then hug and talk quietly.

“We hug, continue to say:“ You're angry, aren't you? ". When we say this, the child will feel that his parents understand, ”Saskhya said.

3. Find solutions together

The mother needs to know the reason for the child's tantrum in order to be able to overcome it. If you get hysterical while playing, try to find a solution with your child.

When the children are calm, we can talk to them. For example, "Before a block fell, how to prevent it from falling? Help your child find a solution to the problem to stop the tantrum.

4. Divert attention

Tantrums in children can also occur in public places, Mom. To overcome this, the mom can distract the baby.

“If he's in a public place, take him to a safe place so we can calm him down. We can take him or take him to a quiet place, ”Saskhya said.

5. Parent education

Tantrums can be overcome if parents are willing to deal with their child's explosive emotions. Mothers can be trained to help their children calm down from angry emotions.

For children who can count, Saskhya offers to teach them how to count from 1 to 10 with their eyes closed. When the count is 10, we can ask the little ones to calm down. If they can learn to control their breathing, parents can teach them how to exhale and inhale to control their emotions.

Overcoming tantrums in children who cannot speak

In general, children have two abilities to speak, namely the ability to speak and understand speech. By the age of three, children usually have a poor command of speech, but already have the ability to understand speech. At this age, they are also not yet expressive in expressing their feelings.

Children who speak late get angry easily. But, if they understand what we are talking about, it is easy to calm the child's tantrum.

“We're just talking to him. This is when children cannot express in words, we need to express our feelings. Mostly when dealing with hysterical children who cannot talk to other children, they just cannot express everything, ”Saskhya said.