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Do you want children to memorize and memorize quickly? Use this method while studying!

Did you know that using color to mark important parts in notes or printed books is very helpful in activating your child's right brain?

It turns out that color can help children remember what they learned for a long time.

Therefore, as Sutanto Windura writes in his book Be an Absolute Genius, mothers should help their children with colored ballpoint pens and a highlighter or highlighter.

Do you want children to memorize and memorize quickly? Use this method while studying!

Using colored pens or markers can encourage a child's courage.

Coloring is certainly applicable not only in the real world, but also in the world of children's imagination.

Let your toddler use their visualization for memory, involve lots of colorful elements in it.

For example, when the child memorizes the sequence of butterfly metamorphoses, ask him to represent it using color.

Because it will be more fun to remember and remember longer.

Children usually develop the ability to recognize colors at the age of 5 years.

At this age, children should be able to recognize at least 4 colors.

For mothers with children with language disabilities, this usually takes longer.

However, this is not a difficult task because mothers can try teaching their children at home through the following 3 activities.

1. Use food to play and talk by arranging it by color.

Give your child a snack with different colors on the plate, and then teach your child to arrange the snacks according to the color.

2. Milk is a good medium for color play with food coloring.

Kids can get creative by mixing colors and telling stories about new colors they've created.

Also tell us the starting color you used and the final color you received.

Note: blue + red = purple, blue + yellow = green.

3. Have the kids play simple games or use items from Twister, UNO, or Pop Up Pirate.

All of these games use colored objects, and the child can modify the game as they wish.