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Healthy foods to nourish the brains of smart kids

1. Meatballs from mackerel and fish

It's no secret that fish are important for supporting your little one’s intelligence. Fatty fish is not only a source of protein, but also good fat because it is rich in essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-61. Did you know that the human brain is 60 ts, and 20% of them are DHA or omega-3 fatty acids and AA or omega-6 acids. These essential fatty acids play an important role in brain development and function2.

Healthy foods to nourish the brains of smart kids

Mom can bring mackerel, a local fish that is easy to get and tastes like salmon. Mackerel meat, which has a smooth and soft consistency, can be used to make mackerel tofu meatballs. Serve as a lunch menu, your little one will have a hard time resisting a delicious fish ball wrapped in tofu.

2. Seith Buntel

Always include protein in your healthy baby food menu, Mom. According to research, protein plays an important role in a child's growth and helps prevent stunted growth. There are many sources of protein, both animal and vegetable. One source of animal protein is red meat1, which is also an excellent source of iron1.

As you know, iron is important for the development of the nervous system, cognitive functions and muscles4.

What if the baby is still unwilling or has difficulty eating meat because it is difficult to chew? To get around this, you can create a menu similar to your typical buntel satay from Solo, Central Java. Unlike satay in general, buntal satay is made from finely chopped beef, so it is easy to chew for children aged 4-5 years.

3. Shrimp Cah with spinach

Want your little one to have an appetite for vegetables? Mom can try the healthy spinach shrimp recipe. A vegetable source of iron1, spinach looks very tempting when paired with shrimp.

Shrimp is not only tasty, but also a source of protein and iodine1, which the body needs for the development and metabolism of the baby. Did you know that iodine deficiency can actually affect your little one's brain development and intelligence quotient (IQ)?

4. Baked Schotel Macaroni

When your little one is tired of rice, you can substitute other sources of carbohydrates, such as pasta, for it. Well, schotel's delectable menu of baked pasta pasta is sure to make your little one addicted to this pasta.

Mom is calm, because the baby gets protein from smoked meats, eggs and milk. In addition to being a source of protein, these three food ingredients also contain vitamin B12, you know Bu1. The role of vitamin B12 is critical to the development and functioning of the brain during childhood. The vitamins found in animal products, mushrooms and nori are also essential for the development of the nervous system and cognitive functions5.

5. Kampung Chicken Egg Soup

Eggs are foods that contain choline to nourish the brain so kids stay smart. Eggs are believed to be good for food, which is why kids are smart. One of the foods that can be made with eggs is chicken and egg soup. This food not only improves the intelligence of the child's brain, but also strengthens the child's immune system.

6. Rice porridge with egg yolk.

Rice porridge with egg yolk can be eaten for the development of a child's brain. The ingredients for this healthy meal are pretty simple, namely rice and eggs.

7. Porridge with salmon and vegetables.

The next food for the intelligence of a child's brain is salmon cereals and vegetables. This food is certainly high in omega-3s and rich in fiber, which is good for kids' digestion.

8. Pumpkin hot pudding.

Moms can also prepare delicious snacks as part of a healthy baby food menu that is beneficial as brain nourishment to keep kids smart.

For example pumpkin pudding. Pumpkin (pumpkin) is very rich in various nutrients. These include vitamin A, which is important for eye growth and health, and vitamins C and E as antioxidants, and fiber6.

Well, this pudding also uses milk as its main ingredient, ma'am. In addition to being a source of protein and vitamin B12, milk also contains zinc1, which is critical for your baby's brain5. Mothers can use iron-fortified growth milk such as Bebelac 4 to make this pudding. Inside, Bebelac 4 contains FOS GOS, fish oil, zinc, iodine, and various vitamins and minerals.