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Here Here 5 Convenient Ways To Learn Easy Learning Letter

During the language learning phase, one of the most common difficulties for your child is learning letters. Therefore, we can introduce this letter from an early age in the preschool stage. If your child is already fluent in the letters, this will make it easier for him to learn to read.

Here Here 5 Convenient Ways To Learn Easy Learning Letter

Here Here 5 Convenient Ways To Learn Easy Learning Letter

Well, before he goes to school, Mom can encourage him to recognize letters first. Here are some fun ways for your little one to memorize letters. Come on, find out!

1. Introducing your name

First, mom can try to teach her by presenting her name. The mother also often hears her name repeated several times. Write letters on paper, drawing his attention to the way we write.

2. Sing about the alphabet.

Letters can be presented to him through the mediation of songs from different letters, you see, the Bund. For example, the chanting of letters from A, B, C to Z is accompanied by the inscription A - this is an apple, and so on. This will make it easier for your baby to remember and recognize them. You know, this song can also help him develop his imagination!

3. Give colorful food

You can try giving him colorful food while teaching him to memorize existing colors. This funny thing will help him memorize faster. But you also have to pay attention to its content, yes.

4. Create fun games.

Moms can also teach writing, making it a fun addicting game. You can make cards, each with a letter written on it. Then ask him to come up with a name for the item on the cards.

5. Watch the tutorial videos alphabetically.

Finally, you can try to teach this by watching TV or Youtube together. Pick a show that talks about the alphabet, and then you can invite him to memorize the letters. This way of memorizing letters is certainly more interesting to him.