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How to teach children to read 7 years old

Reading is very important. Because learning almost always requires reading skills. However, teaching young children to read is not an easy task. They need the right way to teach children to read.

From an early age he studied to teach children to read. Unsurprisingly, there are various products on the market that encourage children to read. Hopefully there won't be any problems reading bits in the future.

How to teach children to read 7 years old

The sooner, the better. This advice is considered effective for people looking for ways to teach their children to read. Here are some of the benefits of learning to read from an early age.

1. Good for the brain

Reading is a complex process that requires the coordination of many parts of the body. Of course, reading is recommended. The brain does bigger and better.

So reading is physical activity for the brain. Exercising early will certainly improve your brain. Unsurprisingly, the World Literacy Foundation is generally well educated and educated.

2. Improve vocabulary

Character traits that develop at an early age are traits that life has learned. Speaking words when teaching children to read means teaching them new words.

The more you read, the more vocabulary your child will have. This way, your little one has good speaking skills. Thanks to his vast knowledge, he gains confidence.

3. Improving language and communication skills.

It is considered important to find ways to teach children to read from an early age because it helps your child to understand. As you read, you know that some words are the same but have different meanings. Your little one knows how to use these words in context. Communication skills are also improved.

Research published in the Journal of Practical Developmental Psychology. Explain the relationship between reading and ability! Son's language. Parents who usually read with their children at 8 months of age will have a positive effect on the language skills of children at 12 months of age. This is especially true for girls.

How to teach 7 year olds to read:

To teach a child to read and write, parents need to find ways to teach them to read from an early age. Some of these ways can be applied, Mother.

1. Read aloud

Read aloud or read aloud This is a way for your little one to teach children to read in a fun way. This exercise can be done because the baby is in the womb.

Parents should only take one book and read it aloud. Speech and expression are important in a reading session. The goal is to make your little one enjoy reading.

When your child can communicate well, reading aloud should be interactive. One way is to engage him in various expressions. At the end of the reading session, your child may be asked to reread the material.

2. Ask your little ones to choose a book for themselves.

Sometimes the books we think are good are not fun for the little one. This is why we let him choose his book to read. Reading your favorite book will be fun and also a way to teach kids to read well.

Cindy Gibson, a former teacher and academic advisor, notes: “Read your little one’s favorite book over and over. The mother should be encouraged to point her little finger at the words she is reading.

It won't take your little one long to read the book. We can set aside 15 minutes a day. 15 minutes can be divided into 3 sessions, so each session only lasts 5 minutes.

3. Present the glossary in a fun way.

Fun activities will keep your child's learning fun. One of the most fun ways to teach kids to read is through music.

Yes, you can sing as you enter new vocabulary. For example, reading poetry or poetry from a book.

4. Develop your reading skills.

Reading is a habit. If children are accustomed to reading from an early age, this habit can continue into adulthood.

One way to develop the habit of reading is to read together from time to time. For example, reading a book before bed.

5. Create a reading environment.

Another way to teach children to read is to introduce them to the reading environment. For example, making a reading corner at home. It contains the favorite books of all family members.

You can also take your toddler to the library. Other times, your toddler may be invited to a bookstore. These places allow your little one to browse and view a variety of books.

6. Develop phonetic awareness

It is a skill that cannot be read alone. Children need to be clearly taught to correlate sounds with phonetics.

Reading and reading expert Timothy Shanghai is an important step in the study of phonetics. Sound-aware children recognize sounds in spoken words.

To develop phonological awareness, you can invite your toddler to sing along. For example, the song "Sunset".

7. Develop phonetic awareness

Next, you need to understand Phoenix in order to teach your little one to read. Children who understand sound know that the letters they see are associated with sounds.

Some children may not need voice-assisted reading. However, research shows that vocal perception is important for children and people with reading difficulties.

By recording the perception of sound, lowercase letters can be displayed. The child was then asked to hand over the letter.

Never teach children to read.

If we make mistakes, it might be better to teach our children to read. Here are a few things to keep in mind while reading.

1. Make your toddler learn to read

Parents who want to help their children learn to read make them hate reading. This can happen if the practice of reading is done in an unpleasant way, such as shouting and dhikr.

Then compulsion can be read. However, they will become people who can read on their own. He doesn't like to read.

2. Don't lead by example

Parents set a good example for their children. We need to set a good example if we want to teach our little ones how to learn and love to read. Don't buy a book without reading it.

3. Does not create a comfortable environment.

When you are learning to read, your little one needs a comfortable environment. Don't waste time teaching your children to read. Let's leave the TV. TV sounds and images can be distracting for young children.

Another disadvantage is that it is difficult for your little one to read. For example, store children's books on high shelves.

4. The type of reading that is less accurate.

If you find the wrong book to read, your little one may want to learn to read. Young children need picture books with short sentences.

Holding your toddler in front of long rows of books will make them tired and unwilling to read. So it would be nice if kids like my mother were given reading materials.

5. Teach children to read at the wrong time.

Parents who want to teach their kids to read sometimes don't care about watches. As a result, your child is encouraged to learn to read at the wrong time.

When is the wrong time? For example, when your youngest child is busy playing. This is exacerbated when your child is tired and asleep but has to listen to a book.

You now have a better understanding of the benefits and ways of teaching children to read. Hopefully this will stimulate mothers to understand the growth and development of their children.